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Creative Curriculum for preschool includes 5 components:

How Children Develop and Learn
SJB believes each child is a unique and active learner who develops and learns through play in the contexts of relationships and progresses at their own pace. SJB’s programmatic delivery consists of selecting materials and guiding children’s learning based on the developmental domains: social-emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.

The Learning Environment
Classrooms provide the structure that sets the context for building meaningful relationships, teaching and learning. SJB’s environments contain interest areas that provide choices, opportunities and challenge children to interact, learn, create and thrive. Simply put, SJB’s environments create a community of curious learners.

What Children Learn
SJB classroom staff identifies the skills and concepts children need to acquire in each content area. The content of the curriculum is taught with children’s developmental stages in mind. Children are more likely to be successful learners when they feel excited about and challenged by what they are learning.

The Teachers Role:

SJB teachers are engaged in an ongoing cycle of assessment. They observe, document, reflect, plan and implement appropriate strategies to meet each child at their point of development. Assessments are measured by the use of the DRDP’s (Desired Results Developmental Profile) and aligned with the California Department of Education-Early Education Department Standards. Teachers observe and listen to the children to learn about their individual interests, skill-sets and personalities/behaviors. By observing children, teachers begin to build individual relationships with each child. Teachers also uses a broad range of research based-and curriculum driven teaching strategies to interact with individual children or with the entire class.

Assessing Children’s Learning

Teachers track each child’s progress using a systematic approach that supports learning and is consistent with the goals and objectives of the curriculum and the DRDP assessment.

The Family’s Role

SJB supports the family by understanding that the family is the child’s first and most important teacher. Family collaboration and support is an integral part of the SJB preschool experience. Our preschool program provides family-centric tools, resources and opportunities for involvement. SJB focuses on developing a relationship with each family so we can work together to support each child’s healthy development and learning.

SJB’s Preschool Content Areas Include

Building blocks (spatial learning), dramatic play areas, educational and developmentally appropriate toys and games, mini-libraries (language and literacy building), discovery stations, sand and water play, music and movement, healthy cooking projects, computer/technology literacy and outdoor play.